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Lambda Theta Alpha

Gamma Omicron


Lambda Philosophy

The Sisterhood of our chapter does not lie among the Burgundy and Grey.

Nor will it be found in the Shield, Moon, or Palmas

Our sisterhood cannot be located in the Greek letters, Lambda sign, or LTA Gear

Neither will the sisterhood be found in the award winning audio website

Furthermore, it is not expressed in the partywalks, chants, salutes, or strolls.

For the Sisterhood of Lambda Theta Alpha is about rising above the superficiality of the Greek System.

It is to achieve our goals of community advancement, and to do so in Unison

It is to support one another in our endeavors, struggles, and challenges.

It is to appreciate and embrace the diversity of our backgrounds.

Our Sisterhood is about our dedication to continue to empower the Universal Woman.

To be a Lambda Lady means to leverage your motivation to succeed through other sisters.

To be a Lambda Lady means to have a special bond with someone you have not met.

To be a Lambda Lady means to acknowledge a sister's opinion, and consider it.

This is our Sorority

It takes Seniority

Over all the Rest

Our greatest Priority

Is to make it the BEST.

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. is about UNITY, LOVE, AND RESPECT.

~ Veronica Mendoza ~

Gamma Omicron Chapter

Founding Sister #6

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